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Protect The Culture at All Costs

But what is exactly at Stake?


The word is a Greek expression referenced thousands of years ago in many works from Homer’s
Iliad and Odyssey in which continues to hold much resonating value in present day society.
As Oxford classicist Spencer Klavan puts it “…The thing that you fight for or trade in your death
for in many cases is your Kleos. That’s the closest thing you’re gonna get to immortality, that
after you die people will talk about you. They will tell stories about you and you will live on
in collective memory.” At Pantheon we parallel this to our current society in which blockchain
can offer a decentralized, censorship resistant & immutable vessel to not only corroborate,
but to interact and keep the influence created by the contributors to our culture intact.
What oral tradition has brought to date has been filled with such rich content that stimulates us.
However, this process has always been susceptible to be distorted by skewed sources often dictated
with heavy bias from the carrier in which it was derived from or conversely not exposed to society at all.
Pantheon recognises how distributed ledger technology can enables us as a community of consumers, creators and curators
to secure culture in a manner that has never existed before.

  • Get rewarded for your contributions
  • Help establish the meaning behind some of the greatest works
  • Wager on the performance of the culture, future works & more!